Green Line artificial grass

The Green line offers a wide line of products with a variety of natural-looking designs for exterior and interior decoration. It is a high-quality European art grass made from innovative materials. Proof of such production are: highly flexible grass moisture, multicolored natural color combinations, reduced effect of solar reflection, man-made fibers that are resistant to color and resistant to UV rays, salt and chlorine.

Natural look suitable for pets

Artificial grass has evolved from artificial to grass which is a perfect alternative copy of natural grass. Quality fibers and these other parts of the product guarantee the realistic look of your lawn and it stays green all year round.

In addition to real natural colors, artificial grass offers an additional advantage because it is resistant to stains and the creation of natural holes, which makes it a PET FRIENDLY solution for your garden. Your pet will enjoy your new garden. Our artificial grass is perfectly suitable for pets. The innovative PU pad provides the perfect pad and pets playing or running on the grass will not affect the durability or appearance of your artificial turf. Thanks to the PU substrate, the grass does not absorb moisture or urine and thus reduces odor problems to a minimum. This is a great advantage over conventional latex substrates.

Minimal maintenance

Unlike a natural lawn, a lawn with artificial grass does not require mowing, watering or pruning. This makes it an ideal solution for:

  • All those who do not have time to maintain and want to spend their free time with family and friends
  • Holiday home owners because during the tourist season you do not have to worry about maintenance and your guests simply enjoy and you are without worries
  • Elderly people who cannot physically mow and maintain lawns

Ecological aspect of artificial grass

It goes without saying that your new artificial turf does not need to be irrigated except for occasional surface watering with a garden hose for cooling when the summer temperature is extremely high. Your lawn should not be fertilized or sprayed with insecticides for maintenance. This of course results in less environmental impact.

Our supplier further reduces the impact of our artificial grass on the environment as it is 100% recyclable. In addition, we minimize our environmental impact during production by reducing the use of water or additives to a strict minimum.

We are representatives of EU manufacturers

The entire portfolio of our manufacturer EU is designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe. The complete collection is produced under one roof, independent of non-European suppliers. Thus, they maintain control over every step of the production process, enabling the provision of the highest quality and most advanced materials on the market.

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